The Land of Magina

Author: Dawn Hartke


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After the world her mother was sent to protect is threatened and about to be destroyed, Alina is sent back to the home she was sent away from 20 years ago along with her younger sister. Back home the two discover the world is in ruins. She find out their old magical home has been overtaken by her own cousin who has been taking people and draining them of all their magic to fuel his goals. Alina can't believe he would do this but she is forced to when he tries to steal her magical amuletz. But what is he trying to do that needs to much magic and what could've happened while she was gone to push him to this. Perhaps she never truly knew her cousin in the first place.

Dawn Hartke was born in 2005 and has written stories and made art since they were young. They can usually be found hauling up in their bedroom writing or drawing. They are a high school student whose main ambition is to write and draw for a living. Their other works include comic posted on the websites Webtoon and Tapas called 9 Lives. Their dream is to be a professional comic artist and get paid to indulge in their passion. When they're not writing or drawing they can be found playing various video games depending on which one has the biggest hold on them at the time. You can find them on various social media under the username Creative Trash.

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Pages: 104 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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