The Kidnapping Theory - The Invincibility of I.D.E.A

Author: Daniel M. Paskins, Jr.


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For though thou wash thee with nitre, and take thee much soap, yet thine iniquity is marked before me, saith The Lord GOD. - Jeremiah 2:22

Daniel Paskins writes of his incarceration, contemplating, Can racism hold such power, denying, and surreptitiously concealing the right of an arrest? An In Depth reader will examine his unarmed truth, but will be shocked in noticing how the Delaware Criminal Injustice system responds. Defenseless against this stalwart, Daniel’s resilience begins through writing how his captors bind him in a due process less nightmare. This surrealistic, non-fiction autobiography allows, for the first time, the reader to see Daniel’s daily prison grind, his legal less court battles, and how he mentally eyed despondency, in turn, liberating his soul. In hopelessness, and suffering, endlessly expressed by Schopenhauer, to Melville’s rambling of the tragic, through some sense of evil, Daniel Paskins birthed an I.D.E.A. Method, keeping him civil, for seventeen years, in incivility. This is a court’s kidnapping horror, a must read for those who believe all men are equal.

Daniel Paskins was born and raised in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, he has no children, has never been married, a heterosexual, yet, finds it very difficult to give himself completely to any woman. He attended Delaware State College from 1985 to 1988, had a promising NFL football career, namely scouted by the Los Angeles Raiders at that time, but drug addiction, and the street life ended that dream.

Ironically, he majored in the criminal justice field, but doesn’t believe in the system. He believes in the physical fitness of life. Peace and quiet he finds hard to get, yet he believes in the ability to alienate from the world to enable himself to hear his thoughts and write. He does not share about family or friends because his background privacy must be respected, allowing himself the forefront of his writings.

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