Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

Author: Josef Banom


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Based on the two witnesses from Chapter 11 in the Book of Revelations from the Holy Bible. In the year 2821, humans are implanting their minds eye and wrists with the newly created Cyborg implant (Mark of the Beast). A new Cyborg revolution is gradually taking over the world- a new phenomena called the Mark of the Beast. The two prophets are motivated by their faith in God to save humanity from destruction. They have been chosen to perform great miracles. Both Adrian and Enoch are God's chosen lights of the world during the end times.

Meanwhile, the Cyborg revolution gave birth to 4 leader Cyborgs, including the Dragon, the self-proclaimed God of all Cyborgs. He is motivated by his lust for power and tempts the people to take the Cyborg implant, the Mark of the Beast. The whole world is shifting to a new Cyborg era. The natural human population on the Earth is slowly dwindling by the billions and the world is becoming a new Cyborg ruled- Earth. Adrian and Enoch (two prophets) have one choice, to fight against the Dragon and save the world. Saving your soul depends on not taking the Mark of the Beast. So they fight! Signs and wonders are the world's last hope. The spirit of prophecy and the Word of God are their companion's. The hope of all humanity is depending upon Adrian and Enoch and their quest.

Born in the Czech Republic. Immigrated to Canada at 4 years old. Lived in the homeless shelter at 4 years old with my family, then we moved to the housing projects in Hamilton, Ontario. I went to elementary school there. Then my family finally got the money to move into a house in Milton, Ontario, the town where Adrian and Enoch live in my novella. I was 14 years old, and I was attending high school. I had a son at 20 years old. Now I am 28 years old.

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Pages: 60 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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