Devil's Daughter

Author: Dark Ice


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At five years old a mysterious girl losses her parents and after twelve years

she is treated like an outsider in her village. Her life changes when a Shadow

figure comes to her small cardboard home and protects her from a swarm of

demons. Watch the life unfold and discover a world that would tear you apart.

I started writing when I was in middle school in Japan, and England. I have

an overactive and imagination that my sister helped me with. Growing up and

watching different cultures helped me grow by putting images from my head

to paper. I came up with the name Dark Ice to be mysterious and became an

inside joke with my family. It is not easy for one that has mental disabilities

and ADHD to be understood or get recognized for many talents. So What I

am trying to show those with different Disabilities that they can go for their

dreams as well. For nothing will hold them back if they fight for it the only

way they can.

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Black & White

Pages: 122 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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