COVID-19, Are We Awake?: Wake Up America, We Need Our Teachers!

Author: Dr. Judy Emanuel Murray


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COVID-19 is ravaging our planet. Our teachers are challenged and possibly left
behind on a computer to teach or maybe required to go into an unsafe classroom.
Some of our teachers are battling mental illness, social isolation, and an overall
lack of physical wellness. “Now is the time to act on behalf of America’s teachers!”
Dr. Murray’s desire is that this book will awaken the consciousness of every
American citizen about the psychological, emotional, and financial well-being of
our teachers. It is a personal outcry for help from every American. If we do not
change the way we perceive, respect, and value our teachers in America, they
will be Left Behind. The once honorable teaching profession, so important in
its human facility, will fade away to baseless technology and advanced software

Dr. Murray is convinced that there will NEVER be a computer program that
can mimic the warm voice along with inspirational and encouraging words that
students need to hear throughout their academic journey that only can come from

Dr. Murray has a Doctorate in Education, A Master's in Marriage and
Family Counseling, A Master's in Education, and Master's in Divinity. As
a professor, she has taught Psychology and Human Development.
She is the founder and Executive Director of a fast-growing Nonprofit
called, "No Teacher Left Behind", corporate office based
in Irvine, Ca. Dr. Murray is extremely concerned about health
and wellness for teachers in America! Her passion and personal
calling to support teachers during this most unprecedented time
in our history is contagious, and exciting to hear and watch, this
book will unveil her heart, plan of action, and suggest personnel
recommendations, to students, parents, school administrators, and
the general population, to once again honor, respect and value
teachers in the United States of America.

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