Corruption in the Division of Corrections

Author: Chinyere Udeh


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Corruption in the Division of Corrections captures the life of a female correctional officer II who was victimized inside the corrupt system of DPSCS from 2015 to 2019. It tells of the magnitude of inhumane treatment she endured: the false medical report that was made against her by the state medical directors; intentionally denying of job opportunities; interference with her accumulative leave hours, paychecks, pay increase; illegal termination from the state service. She talks of the frame-up she experienced and witnessing some of the treatment made to other correctional officers. The book tells of the corrupt system of DPSCS that everybody knows but nobody talks about, the impact the corrupt system has created inside the correctional facilities alongside the sexual exploitation and trading sex for positions and protections. She also talks about the medical condition she suffered as a result of a long-term internalized trauma, of depressed mood and adjustment disorder caused by work-related stress. Lastly, she tells of her right to receive therapeutic treatment requested by the psychologist, but again, the DPSCS intentionally deprived her of it. Instead, they illegally terminated her and left her with nothing to fall back on while she is recovering.

My name is Miss Chinyere Udeh, a first-generation Nigerian who grew up in America. My passion for humanity and curiosity and love for the United States justice system while growing up in America drove me into majoring and working in the area of criminal justice. I obtained an associate’s degree in law enforcement and correctional administration. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and forensic investigation with honors.

I am an honor student in homeland security and criminal justice master’s program.

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Pages: 190

Genre: Fiction

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