Ben 4 Peace

Author: Sarit Peleg


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Ben Asks For Peace centers around a boy named Ben who lives in Los Angeles, California. When he was six years old, he spent his summer vacation visiting family in China. Once he returns from his trip, he is full of both joy and frustration, and can't wait for school to start so he can tell everyone about life in China compared to the U.S. Much to his surprise, Ben discovers that his classmates also visited foreign countries over the summer. At school, as each child shares experiences about visiting family abroad, the class comes to the conclusion that it is up to them to create a better world. Children can help world leaders create a peaceful and safe world that everyone can inhabit freely and pleasantly. The end of the book features a call to action: readers are encouraged to send us letters with their ideas about what leaders can do to make the world a better place.

Sarit Peleg, a child of Polish immigrants, was born in Israel 1958. Peleg was raised on a kibbutz, a unique environment centered around communal life. Even after she left this community in 1988, she maintained true to the values of her childhood: harmony, community, and sharing resources. Her musical upbringing and professional career as a concert producer primed her for writing, composing, and assembling original songs that turned into the children's musical show “We Are All Kids”. The songs were later released in CD format titled “Around The World.” Peleg believes in creating global platforms for children to share their experiences and gain the tools they need to make the world safer and more peaceful for all of its inhabitants. Whether through letters, art, music, or an interactive website, Peleg hopes to teach the next generation how to express themselves and demand a brighter future of their leaders. 

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