THE APOLLO MOON MISSIONS: Hiding A Hoax in Plain Sight Part 1

Author: Randy Walsh


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As a child I was fascinated by the Apollo Moon missions. As I got older the fascination never waned, until, approximately 15 years ago, I happened to watch a documentary on one of the Apollo missions. In that they discussed the method used for circumnavigating the Moon during the missions. As a trained pilot I remember questioning that method of navigation and from there I started to doubt the validity of the Apollo Moon missions itself, which led to subsequent years of research.

This book is culmination of that research and the reasons why I believe that the Apollo Moon missions were faked. Included in Part 1 of this series I discuss the following key factors:

  • The Saturn V rocket and the fraudulent claims on the powerful F-1 engines, without which the Apollo landings could not have taken place.
  • The non-existent capabilities of the Apollo guidance computer and the fact that this computer was a fake.
  • The conflicting and contradictory information regarding the radiation intensity between the Earth and Moon which would have prevented any manned lunar landing.
  • The inadequate shielding for both the Command Module and Lunar Module which would have ended any manned mission outside of Low Earth Orbit in a matter of minutes if not seconds.
  • And the incomplete, missing and/or destroyed documents along with the thousands of missing reels of telemetry tapes containing data that has been 'lost' forever

Randy Walsh is a commercial pilot and a certified flight instructor in the general aviation industry. He is a revisionist and an avid researcher with an interest in history, aviation and the space industry. When Randy is not busy flying or researching, he is uploading classical guitar pieces on YouTube.

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Pages: 212

Genre: History


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