Native American TV Writers Lab: The Pursuit for Writers

Native American TV Writers Lab

The search for the next primetime TV writer is on! For the fourth commemoration of LA Skins Fest’s Native American TV Writers Lab, the Lab is presently on the pursuit for writers’ entries. This is in alliance with the top executives of Kung Fu Monkey Productions, Walt Disney Company, HBO, and Comcast NBC Universal.

The search for Native American TV Writers Lab intends to develop quality portrayal and entertainment on television broadcast to redeem the previous declining staff number that went on for quite a while in the 2013–2014 season. 

Considering this, the Lab aspires to conduct a vigorous training course that will stretch the writing milestones of the leading list of seven Native Americans. This will happen in April through late May of 2019.

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Among the selected seven of 2019 Native American TV Writers Lab are the following:

John Timothy (Muscogee Creek)

John Timothy (Muscogee/Creek) and his innate humor merited his position in New York’s The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, taking the spotlights with his fellow comedians The Curfew. This Brooklyn-based author is in collaboration with his fellow writer Patrick Mahoney in working on The Third Party. Along with Timothy’s success story is his comedic spin of Brooklyn’s The Big F

Shelley Dennis (Choctaw)

The Choctaws from Oklahoma carries on their storytelling lineage as Shelley Dennis spins her momentum wheel by becoming one out of seven Native Americans to be part of the Lab. At a tender age, Dennis shares her love for theatre arts performance, writing, and leading the school stage play directions. 

Her lucky break went on during her modeling days, fitting into Milan’s starved but garment-adorned women. Dennis also shares her craft in Disney’s Tangled TV show and Sestra! Sestra!

William Paul Smith (Eastern Shoshone Tribe)

From Smith’s numerous acclaims from various film directing institutions sprung his box-office success in the literary media, including his 2017 teaching fellowship. A lineup of his astounding works covers Labor of Life, Izhar’s Ghost, and the Wandering Veil at its final cut. His stand for genuine art, identity, and activism won his place in the Lab.

Cara Jade Myers (Kiowa / Wichita)

From the Wichita tribe, Myers’s grim days ushered a chain of events that brought her to a deeper passion for storytelling, which led her to the bright lights of Hollywood. Her sparks of creativity are piled up in paper notes she randomly picks when her scribbling mind tells her to do so.

Micah Wright (Muscogee Creek)

FNX wouldn’t come out on top if it wouldn’t for the chief content officer Micah Ian War Dog Wright. This versatile director from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation attained his directing debut in a comedic thriller and Netflix hit They’re Watching

His initial works also involve television animation and gold video games Call of Duty, Transformers, Looney Tunes, and etc.

Carolina Hoyos (Quechua-Inka)

From the first generation of Peruvian Quechua-Inca, Afro-Latina singer prodigy Carolina Hoyos lives up to her stage play performances in Glass Ceilings, Good for Otto, Soledad, Match, Sincerely, Mom and Sitting Bull’s Last Waltz. Her best-known improve from several sketch comedies equipped her as one of the Lab contenders.

Robert Vestal (Cherokee)

Multiskilled writer and director Robert Vestal attracted numerous remarks from his ER work “It’s All Relative” and from the ALMA award-winning movie No Turning Back and also from his Von Marie Atchley Excellence in Playwriting Award. On top of the stage plays that Vestal excelled in were short films Reservoir Logs, The Key to the Fourth Wall, The Bullfrog Lover, and I Know What You Did Last Spring Break, and a video game.

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