Is my Book Worth the Read?

What makes a book a good read? This is a typical question that writers would usually put into thought. 

One thing every writer has to take into consideration is, how will my book get the attention of readers among the hundreds of things that they engage in? What would hype that drive to get your audience’s attention? 

This is why books are branched out in genres and writing styles. In all likelihood, it all boils down to one’s choice or idea about a certain book since art, in general, is vastly subjective. Check out some of the things you need to ponder on when writing a good book.

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Write a good book that readers will surely read all over again.

1. Win them with the plot!

Yes, that’s right, win your readers with your plot. Construct a plot that is as engaging as it can be, and make sure it is moving in a direction every time. 

Make your readers look forward to what’s going to happen next; make them turn every page. Don’t offer them with predictable plots. 

Be as creative as you can be, and surprise them with something new! Creativity is the key to this, so you revise as much as you want and do anything to juice up your ingenuity.

Writing a Story

2. Understandable language.

Letting your readers engage with your work is much like them having a conversation with you, only in a form of a book. Conveying your story is a lot better when it’s understood by everyone. Write to them clearly in a language they can easily comprehend.

3. Let characters come to life.

Let the readers use their imaginations as much as you did with yours. You don’t have to come up with the most perfect character they will idolize, you just need to give them that signature factor that will leave them hooked to the character.

4. Endings that don’t end.

On a final note, you have to end your story like it’s never going to end so that your readers will keep coming back for it. Avoid the typical predictable ending. The last page of the book doesn’t necessarily have to be happy, but it needs to have the key component of getting your readers attached like it’s their cup of coffee every morning.

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Become a Self-Published Author in 3 Simple Steps
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