5 Tips on How to Write a Great Book Review!

Book reviews are a very big deal for writers. This is because book reviews serve as a kind of social affirmation for readers. So if you are writing a book review you should really make sure that the book review you make is both accurate and well-written. 

This is because your book review can make or break a writer’s book marketing. So if a friend or a fellow writer asks you to write a book review for them, you should really know how to make a great book review. 

Here are 5 tips on how to write a great book review:

1. Make your rating system as clear as possible

If you are going to write a book review you should make sure that you make the rating system as clear as possible. It would be very confusing if you just declare at the end of your review that you gave the book 5 stars, without stating the rating system you are following. Are you following a five points system? Or are you following a 10 point system? 

By clarifying your rating system, you are making it easier for potential readers to know how you scored the book in your review.

2. Double check every aspect of the book review

It would be very embarrassing if you released a book review only to find out that your book review has a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. So before you even think of releasing your book review, you should double check every aspect of it. 

Make sure that your spelling is correct. Make sure that your grammar and punctuations are efficient. And if you are going to write about a character or event in the book, make sure that you get their names right and the details of the book in good order.

3. Give a detailed explanation of your critique

giving detailed explanation to critique

If you are going to give a critique on a book, you should make sure to give a detailed explanation. Give an honest and clear cut reason why your critique is like that. If you give the book a positive review explain to the readers what made the book good. 

Was it the writing? The characters? The setting? And if you are going to give the book a negative review, try to stay as professional as possible. 

Don’t just bluntly state the book’s shortcomings. Instead, you should try to be as constructive as possible. Give tips and avenues where the author could improve his or her work.

4. Don’t spoil the book for readers

Nothing is more annoying to readers than an unexpected spoiler. So if you are going to write a book review, make sure that you don’t mention any event in the book that can be construed as a spoiler. Remember that readers are reading your review because they want to know whether or not to read this specific book. 

And it would really be such an annoying thing to read a book review only to be faced by a major spoiler. This will not only get them annoyed at you, it will also dissuade them from reading the book at all. So if you don’t want to annoy the author and the reader, you should really steer clear of spoilers.

5. Be as unbiased as possible

If there is one thing you should remember when writing a book review, it is that you should be as unbiased as possible. This is because readers trust the opinions of book reviewers. They trust your experience and intuition. 

They trust you enough, to follow your advice and buy a book according to your recommendation.  And it would not be fair to use your influence and give an undeserved positive review just because you are friends with the author.  

It would also be unfair to give a negative review, just because you don’t like the author. This would be an abuse of your influence and could get you into a lot of trouble in the future.  All in all, if you write a book review, do it with an open and unbiased mind. 

This will not only make the process a lot easier, it will also make your opinion more respected and sought after.

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